INANNA Campaign

December 2023
Photography, Branding, Editorial Design, Print Design

INANNA is a campaign project crafted for a female fashion brand that seeks to intertwine playful allure with timelessness. The brand embodies values of values of curiosity, independence, and daring, that are carried through a direct, simple yet flirty tone of voice. The visual identity of the campaign surrounds a distinctive motion blur photography style, creating a dynamic, intriguing and alluring feeling.


The brand name 'INANNA' is inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian goddess known as the 'Queen of Heaven' and associated with Venus. Inanna is known for her complex nature, both loving and nurturing, as well as a powerful and assertive. This ties into what the brand embodies: dynamic, complex, daring and independent. 

The autumn campaign and lookbook maintain core values and flirty yet classic tone of the brand, while tailoring new visual elements for the campaign. The core visual element of this campaign is the motion blur photography style which introduces a feeling of allure and intrigue for the new line. This element is contrasted with a simple typographic style. The lookbook carries a combination of the dynamic motion blur colour photography and a sharp black and white lends an edge of classic elegance.

 INANNA Lookbook 

INANNA Campaign Process