Dovetail Branding

Feb.-May 2023
Branding, Editorial Design, Digital Design

Dovetail is a branding project for a bespoke wooden furniture company that aims to create a unique high quality hand crafted product that features the beauty of the natural imperfection and character of the raw wood material. 

The key visual element of the brand is the butterfly joint, otherwise known as the dovetail joint, used to strengthen a fracture in solid wood, this way preserving and highlighting its natural beauty and character. The shape of the dovetail joint is reflected in the structure of the imagery, following strong triangular outlines. The typography contrasts and complements the strong angles with a free flowing text structure.

*photography sourced from several websites

A Butterfly Joint. Otherwise called: Bowtie or Dovetail Key 


The Dovetail brand resonates with individuals who possess a strong interest in the design world. Tradition and connection with nature guide Dovetail’s values when working with raw materials. The priority is environmental responsibility, seen in the resource-conscious craftsmanship. Beauty draws from nature's imperfections, this in combination with traditional techniques echo in the focal use of the dovetail joint. This blend appeals to design and craftsmanship enthusiasts, offering a distinctive and unique brand experience.

Dovetail Billboards


The core of the dovetail brand concept is the butterfly joint, also known as the dovetail joint, a carpentry technique used to strengthen a crack in the wood. The triangular shape of the dovetail joint is used as a structure for the framing of the imagery. In a harmonious contrast, the typography breaks away from this structure, flowing freely and without rigid alignment. This intentional difference creates an engaging interplay between the solid geometry of the imagery and the fluidity of the text, resulting in a modern and simple aesthetic.

Dovetail Catalogue

Brand Guidelines
Dovetail Branding Process