The North Face SubBrand 

Oct.-Dec. 2022
Branding, Print, Digital Design, Packaging

Continued is a sub-brand that functions as a subscription based clothing renting system for the North Face, a large established outdoors retail company. 

Continued is targeted at an audience who love to travel and will take part in a range of outdoor activities, therefore needing access to a wide variety of products specific to their activity. Continued offers a renting system where you will receive a box of high quality retail unique to your specific travel needs for the selected period.  

* photography by RJ Bruni 

Continued Motion Campaign 


The Continued brand provides an alluring perspective for outdoor enthusiasts. With strong values, it speaks to those who desire to enrich their life by broadening their view of the world through travel and experiences. Continued encourages an active lifestyle and to cherishing present moments, it values shared memories with loved ones, and a deep, harmonious connection with nature.

Continued Billboards


Continued maintains the simplicity and directness of the original brand, while focusing on experiences that form memories through diverse outdoor activities. The name, ‘Continued’, encapsulates the extension of the original North Face brand, and a continuation of the lifecycle of the outdoor clothing. The logo retains the iconic symbol of the half dome in Yosemite National Park, establishing a connection with the north face brand, this original symbol is rotated by 180 degrees indicating a continuation as a sub brand with new meaning and values. The imagery, carries a subtle blur and grain effect which creates a dynamic sense of motion, feeling like a fleeting moment captured, adding depth and emotion.

Continued Merch

Continued Packaging

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