Huerta Molinillo ReBrand

Feb.-May 2023
Branding, Illustration, Editorial Design, Digital Design, Packaging

The Huerta Molinillo project is a rebrand for a sustainable vegetable agricultural farm that releases weekly or bi- weekly vegetable baskets that are subscription based. The agricultural farm focuses on using environmentally sustainable methods and is also highly community centered, involving themselves in raising awareness and educating on an environmentally conscious alternative lifestyle. 

Stop Motion Animation


Huerta Molinillo is built on the core values of honesty, humility, and transparency. The brand's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the focus on locally grown, seasonal products, reflecting responsible practices. Beyond the environment, Huerta Molinillois actively engaged in the community. It is a project by the community for the community, with an extremely social and lively environment. This resonates well with the audience, with around 60% being drawn not just to the products, but also to the community and social aspects championed by Huerta Molinillo.

Huerta Molinillo Billboards and Posters


The brand focuses on this idea of a lively community and family, with vibrant colours and a strong illustration at the heart of its identity. The illustration texture and typography have a handcrafted feel that evoke a warm, down to earth feel, which perfectly represents the small local company.

Tomato Sauce Packaging

              Huerta Molinillo Recipe Book

Huerta Molinillo Rebrand Process