Graphic Branding and Identity
Gradshow 2023

May-June 2023
Brand Identity, Motion Graphics, Print, Curation Design

The 2023 LCC 'Graphic Branding and Identity' gradshow is a branding and curation project. The brief was to create an identity that both distinguished and aligned with the larger LCC 2023 gradshow identity, and to deliver this over several touchpoints. In addition to shaping the identity, we carefully curated the works of 70 students, and delivered a range of merchandise and catalogues with student work. 

Team: Joana Pereira, Darius Enache, Freek van Kessel, Jiaying Song, Ziye Corey Cai, Luana Freira Ramos, Anu Limbu and Paula Gómez Picón 

Factor A in motion


The identity of the show brand is based on one of the core concepts of our branding course, ‘the golden thread’. The golden thread refers to a cohesive underlining essence of a brand that connects every aspect of a its identity. The concept was visualised as a line flowing through our identity. The string line was also the inspiration behind the ‘Factor A’ type selection. The cohesion with the identity of the overall 2023 LCC show was maintained through the key pink tone of the colour palette. 

Gradshow Artworked Postcards

Photographs of the Curation of the 2023 Gradshow

GBI 2023 Gradshow Process